Strictly curse?

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Strictly Come Dancing has been the blame for several relationship break-ups or scandals, known as the “Strictly curse”.

The latest to be caught up in the drama is Seann Walsh and his married dance partner Katya Jones who have apologised after photos showing them kissing each other in the street during a night out came about – which they put down to being a “drunken mistake”.

We want to know if you believe in the strictly curse!

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We asked you whether you agree with the opt-in option for organ donation

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Do or don’t?

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Organ donation is an amazingly generous act and saves thousands of lives in the UK every year. However, this relies on donors and their families agreeing to donate. We would like to know how you feel about the NHS Organ Donation Register. Are you happy to do-nate or not?

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We asked you whether Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor was your viewing choice? The results proved inconclusive…

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Strictly excited?

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Signalling the end of the summer and the beginning of cosy Saturday nights in, this August Bank Holiday weekend sees two titan contestant shows begin: Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor. Social media has been buzzing with ‘big reveals’ on: who’s dancing and who’s judging? But we would like to know: Which show you will be watching? Cast your vote below…

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We asked about where you think affordable housing should be built: green belt or brownfield. Here is the result…

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Affordable housing

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There’s no denying affordable homes need to be built. But where? Here are two emotive arguments for both green belt building or brownfield sites. Which do you feel is right?

GREEN BELT: A lot of families move to the countryside for all the benefits of living in a beautiful green area. However, when it’s time for the children to leave the nest, can they really afford a property in their home town?

BROWNFIELD: Many industrial or commercial facilities that may have moved or ceased production have left huge footprints of vacant land. Should money be put into these areas to clear them, ready for affordable housing to be built?

Cast your vote…

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Here is last week’s poll results, all about this summer’s hottest subject … the weather.


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Sunshine or rain?

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Us Brits love talking about the weather… and there has certainly been a lot to be talking about this July. Since the weekend, it has turned to our ‘traditional’ overcast summer,  but there is more hot sun forecast. So which kind of summer do you enjoy?

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Last week, we asked about rubbish… if you feel that the process of recycling needs to be more transparent. Here is the poll result …

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Crushing recycling

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Is crushing cans your jam, or do you find recycling soda-pressing? Vote on this week’s news about how our positive actions sometimes go to landfill waste…

Once you have spent the time, diligently cleaning out the containers that once held your butter, baked beans or favourite pud. And, you have taken the extra time to carefully separate the refuse from the recycling… all that effort and there is no real assurance it’s journey to the recycling plant is direct.

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You voiced your opinion about a second vote for Brexit last week. Here are the results

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Brexit: our next move?

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Poor Prime Minister: the phrase ‘you can’t please everyone all of the time’, seems to highlight the pressure Theresa May is currently under. While no one is disputing the negotiations are sensitive and demanding, let all your frustration out, by casting your vote in our poll.

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You voiced your opinion about the President’s visit last week. Here are the results

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Trump: Good or bad?

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There is a lot of pomp and protest currently going on about President Donald Trump’s visit this week. Love him or loathe him cast your vote. Do you feel President Donald Trump’s visit will be good for the UK’s future position?

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Here are your World Cup poll results (sadly we didn’t get the real result.)

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Is football coming home?

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Wear your heart on your sleeve and let us know if you believe that ‘Football’s comin’ home’

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