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Birchgrove’s all-inclusive rent makes keeping track of your finances simple

The number one concern for most households right now is the rising cost of living. Prices are rising at their fastest rate for 30 years – food, household goods, council tax, water bills – but it’s the sudden increase in the cost of energy that’s causing the biggest headache. Especially as analysts have warned us to brace for another huge rise in energy bills this October, which could see our winter heating bills double.

Here at Birchgrove, you don’t have any of the headaches or hassles associated with the above. This is because we have one all-inclusive rent, which is reviewed just once a year in January and any increase is in line with the retail price index.

“Having just one outgoing payment each month that covers those big costs everyone worries about makes it much simpler to manage. So much easier than juggling four or five direct debits going out at different times of the month that keep changing,” explains Tom. “I also don’t have to go through the hassle of switching suppliers on the internet or asking my sons to help me constantly. It’s removed a lot of uncertainty and, I feel a whole lot better for it.”

The Birchgrove all-inclusive rent simplifies the managing of your finances. You know what you are paying for the whole financial year, have complete control of your expenditure and can plan other spending accordingly. As well as covering the large-ticket expenses like electricity, water and heating, the inclusive rent covers many of the rising incidental costs that go along with owning your own home i.e. broadband, window cleaning, gardening, housekeeping, buildings insurance, security and a whole host of other things.

Ready to make yourself at home?

Our apartments are not for sale, so, you won’t find our retirement asdvisors pressurising you to buy. They are just here to help you think about things differently and work out what options are open to you. Think of us more as a guide providing information and helping you make your own choices about how and where you want to live. If it makes life easier, we’re happy to visit you at home to better understand what is important to you or bring you for a tour of our show suites.

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