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We all love to indulge in sweet things and the new recipe book from Ravneet Gill is a veritable homage to sugar.

Sugar, I Love You serves up some delicious treats from Passion Cake to Rhubarb and Orange Cheesecake and say it quietly, many recipes that actually don’t contain much sugar at all! Knowing when and how to use sugar is, in many ways, the essence of pastry and dessert making according to Ravneet and you can find out exactly what she means with the aid of this gorgeous book.

It’s bursting with colour and flavour, that you’ll literally want to dive right in!

With more photographs and detailed recipes from beginning to end, Sugar, I Love You takes homemade patisserie to the next level with Ravneet’s signature style, wit, and easy-to-follow approach. Interspersed with anecdotes and essays on ‘How not to be a sugar snob’ and ‘What to do when your dinner guest doesn’t eat sugar?’ and we have two copies to give away.

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