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If you love solving mysteries and spotting clues when you watch TV or films then check out Escape in 60. You can win a Windsor escape experience for up to five people

Feeling the need to escape..? We’ve all felt that quite keenly over the last 18 months, so Windsor’s Kathryn Browne and Mike Setterfield hope to offer you an outlet!

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a Sherlock Holmes, Escape in 60 Windsor’s escape rooms at Windsor Leisure Centre have been designed with you in mind. And, seeing as Escape in 60 was shut for months because of Covid, your urge to break free with them is well timed.

Participants have an hour to pit their wits at how to escape from the room, with puzzles to solve and clues to find. Kathryn says: “It will be the quickest 60 minutes of your life – time does not drag in an escape room! Your team will need to work together to determine whether the clues you find are going to lead to your escape, or whether they are just a red herring put there to distract you.”

You’ll need to decipher, decode and disentangle the mysteries of the room, and deal with the dilemmas that await you, with a resident Games Master to lend a hand if you’re really stuck.

“It’s a totally interactive and immersive experience, requiring logic, problem solving, teamwork and communication,” adds Kathryn. “You’ll be buzzing at the end of the game and may well become an escape room addict!”

There are three new games to choose from: The Curse Of The Lost Chamber invites you on a trip  to Ancient Egypt to discover the secrets hidden in the tomb of child Emperor Magsood – will you put his tomb back together to escape the Curse? This room is perfect for young families and first-time escapees aged from seven and up.

Escape The Castle asks you to step into the role of a visiting history professor who has been researching the legends of Windsor Castle and discovered a long-lost diamond necklace (for age 10 & up). The Amber Room is based on true events that happened during the chaotic last few months of WW2. This 75-minute challenge is suitable for experienced escapees and children aged 12+. New for autumn, Espionage is a mobile escape experience for team building or a seasonal party.

The escape rooms are based at Windsor Leisure Centre, with lots of parking just outside, and it’s a 10-minute walk along the Thames from the town centre. Why not put your team together and come and have a go if you think you’re brave enough!

Find out more or book at or call Kathryn or Mike on 01753 396322. You can claim a 10% discount on a game for four people or more when you book in October, with the code ROUNDANDABOUT10.

We’ve teamed up with Kathryn and Mike to offer an escape room experience for up to five people, until the end of the year, in either Escape the Castle or The Curse of the Lost Chamber, which is worth £100.

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