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Our lucky winner can enjoy a state-of-the-art Back In Action Varier Variable kneeling chair in their choice of colour

Quite possibly the best kneeling chair out there, the Varier Variable Balans was designed by ergonomic designer Peter Opsvik.

Varier kneeling chairs are unique in being perfectly angled to prevent knee pressure, with lots of movement built in to trigger your balance reflex and keep your core strong. They also use materials designed to last decades.

After 37 years of trading, Buckinghamshire based business, Back In Action remains at the top of its game. Founded by David and Lindall Newbound in 1987, the business has since been taken over by their daughters Lucinda and Romilly. The sister duo and the wider team of ergonomic experts and specialists continue to dedicate their efforts to help manage, prevent and treat the symptoms of back pain. With a new and improved website (Back in Action) in place and validation from its five-star rating on Trustpilot, the leading ergonomic experts deliver a first-class service time and time again to its customers online and in Buckinghamshire.

We’ve teamed up with local ergonomic experts Back In Action to offer one lucky winner a kneeling chair in their choice of colour. To enter our prize draw, fill in the form below before 12pm on Friday, 28th June.

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